Terror, Paris und das Facebook-Profilbild – Gedanken meiner Tochter

Die Attentate in Paris haben meine Tochter Michelle zu einem Statement auf Facebook veranlasst, welche mich sehr bewegt hat. Wenn man plötzlich solche Worte von seiner Tochter liest, dann wird einem schlagartig bewusst, wie wertvoll Leben ist. Mit jedem Kind welchem wir Leben schenken, erhält die Welt eine neue Chance auf Liebe und Frieden. Wenn man solche Worte von seiner Tochter liest, dann gibt es kein richtig oder falsch mehr indem was man im Leben getan hat. Dann ist alles nur noch gut. Dann hat jede Sekunde im Leben Sinn gemacht.
Ich wünsche jedem Vater und jeder Mutter, dass sie einmal das fühlen, was ich beim lesen dieser Zeilen meiner Tochter fühle.

Von Herzen Danke Michelle!


“I’m absolutely aware that the last thing humanity needs is another Facebook status about the recent events, but I have way too much time on my hands, (Seriously, way too much), so here we go.
Whenever some terrible event happens, the same pattern keeps forming on social media and it’s been no different after the atrocious attacks in Paris. Posts about how horrible it was, posts complaining that no one cares about all the other horrible events that are happening. People change their profile picture, people complain about others changing their profile picture. Something that has irritated me a lot in the past days are those „Changed my profile picture – terrorism problem solved“ memes. Obviously changing your profile picture doesn’t defeat terrorism. It’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to be a gesture of compassion and support. And while yes, it’s kind of odd that something as intimate as expressing ones condolecences has become as simple and automated as a click on your computer mouse, the very essence of gestures is that it doesn’t matter whether they are big or small, what matters is the thought behind them. I’m lucky enough to say that I have lots of kind and caring people in my Facebook list. Many of them have changed their profile picture in the last days and I have enough faith in them to believe that this was done not out of vanity, but out of empathy.
Admittedly, there are most likely a few people who just want to make themselves look better. But then again, bashing people who express their support in this specific type of way has become a massive bandwagon as well, and there are definitely some people who just try to feel superior by participating in that.
However, most of them just believe that this one-sided support for white, western victims is grossly unjust and I can absolutely see where they’re coming from. The fact that disasters in the first world recieve a far greater media coverage and outpouring of public support, is not only saddening, it’s an outrage. I’m convinced that people would show support of other countries as well, if they were more informed about what’s happening there. So we should try our best to raise awareness of all the terrible attacks that have happened, and that are still happening in countries like Nigeria, Syria, Iraq and so many more.
But lets not do that by diminishing the victims in Paris. Let’s not tell people that their words and gestures of support mean nothing. This is not a time for cynicism. This is a time to show kindness and compassion, and I strongly believe that we have enough compassion to care about the victims of Beirut, Baghdad, Dhaka, Ankara, Flight 9268, Paris and every other catastrophe alike. Let’s not tell people to stop caring about one thing and start caring for another. There’s enough love in each of us to care about every single terrible thing that is happening in the world. So why start an argument about something as petty as a damn profile picture. We have greater problems, so let’s not accuse each other of being hypocrites but rather come together and try to make a difference, no matter how small. So change your profile picture if you want to, pray for beirut if you believe in praying, educate yourself about what’s going on in Syria, spread the news about Boko Haram, do whatever you can to make this world even the tiniest bit more caring and emphatic.
And yes, I wrote this post to make myself feel better. Absolutely. Because guess what, it’s fucking depressing that there are people out there who actively want to make others suffer. I fail to understand how someone can willingly take another persons life, aware that they not only erase years and years of emotions and thoughts and memories, but also tear a gigantic hole into the lives of every single one who has ever known that person. It’s a fucking tragedy and the worst part is that I have absolutely no idea what to do about it. I really want to believe that one day we will learn to overcome our differences and we’ll all live together in peace and harmony and everything’s gonna be rainbows and sunshine, but it’s so hard to keep believing in that when there are people out there who are blowing up innocent lives without a single care. So the only thing I believe I can do, is to be a somewhat decent person and to try and be kind in my words and actions. And I know that I’m not always successful in that and that I can be a sarcastic asshole at times but believe me, I’m trying my best.
Also, if you instrumentalise recent events to promote hate against muslims, refugees, or anyone else who hasn’t done any wrong to you, please do me a favour and take your bigotry somewhere else and fuck off.
I know it sounds incredibly tacky and pathetic, but at the end of the day, we are all humans. Religion, nationality, sexuality, skin colour, gender. All those things don’t matter, not even a little bit. Yes we are different, but those differences don’t seperate us. I’ve been lucky enough to have already done a bit of travelling in my life, and if it’s taught me one thing it’s that two people who speak different languages, have different religious beliefs and come from completely different cultural backgrounds, can come together and share a drink and a laugh and have a good time. And I think that’s absolutely beautiful. And no matter how many bombs are being dropped, that’s something no terrorist can ever take away from us, unless we let them. “

By Michelle Wieden