As well as appearing on television and radio, I have also been a guest on numerous podcasts to answer questions about chronobiology and sleep. I particularly enjoy this format because you simply have more time available!

For the sake of clarity, I have listed them on one page. Click on the respective picture to go directly to the podcast. Have fun!

Podcast “In the focus of vocational training” – Jens Kleinat

What do chronobiology, biological rhythms and education have to do with each other? A lot, because everyone has their times when they can absorb or give away knowledge, and times when they cannot. Jens Kleinat, a professional in the field of vocational training, interviewed me about this in one of his podcasts.

Podcast “About the mind” – Mindful Life

Mindful Life focuses on the psyche and mental health. The focus is on mental training, but also on current research findings in neuroscience, sleep, transhumanism and many other interesting topics beyond psychology. In this interview, I show the central role that chronobiology plays in this field.

Podcasts “Friends of the night”

Die Freundinninnen der Nacht has gathered so much material that two parts have been made from it. The first part is about the internal clock in general. Very interesting for people who want a little more background on the subject of chronobiology, while in the second part we focus on myths but also on youth and school in connection with the internal clock.

Podcast Feid Consulting & Coaching

Since Feid C&C focuses on executive coaching, this interview also naturally focused on chronobiology in HR management. Very interesting for managers, HR managers and entrepreneurs.

Podcast “Sleepchat” – Christoph von der Malsburg

Christoph von der Malsburg is a sleep coach himself, so this podcast also focuses on sleep. Here I show above all the whole spectrum of chronobiology and the areas of life in which it intervenes.

“Heartbeat” podcast from the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Welfare and Nursing

The Berufsgenossenschaft Wohlfahrt und Pflege has supported my pilot project “COPEP – Chronotype3noriented Personnel Planning” at the Wartenberg Clinic. In this podcast, I talk about this project and the results.

BGW podcast with Michael Wieden on chronobiology