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Referenz s.Oliver

Presentations/workshops on the topic of“Chronobiology in HR management” & “Mobile working 4.0”

“Super interesting, well moderated, instructive and eye-opening – the online lecture was great! Thank you!” Eva Bovet, sleep coach, friends of the night

“Great presentation style … Very impressive lecture, which I would recommend and book again at any time!”
Anna Jopp, HR Officer, ESN Deutsche Tischtennis Technologie GmbH (presentation “Chronobiology – What makes us tick”)

“Very well structured! Very entertaining and extremely informative. Positive feedback from all participants”
Achim Müller, Personnel Officer Health Management, Nabaltec AG (lectures on chronobiology in personnel management)

“Perfect for the group of participants. The lecture was thought-provoking and will play a major role in the current transformation of the world of work.”
Franziska Müller, Project Secretary, IG-Metall Schwein furt (Lecture “Chronobiology in personnel management” / IG-Metall Schweinfurt retreat)

” …last week, … I listened to your extremely interesting lecture on the subject of chronobiology. This one really fascinated me. … Everyone was moved by the topic, … ” Norman Daßler, Head of Nursing &
Specialist for occupational health management, Wartenberg Clin ic (lecture as part of the “BGM im Dialog” of the AOK Freising, lectures/workshops in the Wartenberg Clinic)

“… Thank you very much for your entertaining and interesting presentation this week in Augsburg at the AOK”
Christof Gai, Head of Human Resources Lebenshilfe Aichach-Friedberg (presentation “”Chronobiology in Human Resources Management” as part of the “BGM im Dialog” of the AOK Landsberg am Lech)

“A relatively new topic, very interestingly presented. I believe that chronobiology has a future in occupational health management. … Very pleasant speaker with good and not exaggerated use of non-verbal language. “
Uwe Leidinger/AOK Directorate Coburg (lecture “”Chronobiology in personnel management” as part of the “BGM in dialog” of the AOK Coburg am Lech)

“Thank you also for your great presentation – also on behalf of my colleagues present.”
Lothar Zachmann/AOK Schweinfurt Directorate (presentation “Chronobiology in personnel management” as part of the “BGM im Dialog” of the AOK Schweinfurt)

“Thank you very much for the presentation … it was really super exciting for us”
Sandra Späh/Management Karl Späh GmbH & Co. KG (Lectures before management “Chronobiology in personnel management”)

“Thank you very much for the great workshop – it was great fun.”
Marc Teufel/Human Resources Manager Karl Späh GmbH & Co. KG (presentation to management on “Chronobiology in personnel management”)

“Pleasant and competent cooperation partner … Very easy to understand, even without prior knowledge of the subject.”
Lejla Sibic/Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement Karl Späh GmbH & Co. KG (presentation to management “Chronobiology in personnel management”)

“Very pleasant presentation style, good gestures, facial expressions and body language … A successful networking event … Thank you very much for the great network meeting!” Julia Greller, RSG Bad Kissingen (presentation on Mobile Working 4.0)

“An incredibly exciting topic with many points of reference in the area of mobile working, but also in occupational healthcare, as I learned.”
Axel Praus, former Managing Director Europe DEGW

Reviews of the books “Liquid Work” and “Chronobiology in Human Resources Management”

“I find what you are doing an interesting detail in the topic of “Productivity in the knowledge society!”
Erik Händeler, futurologist and author

“This is a highly important topic and you know how to convey it in such a way that it quickly becomes clear what it would mean for personal work!”
Jürgen Stock, author and expert for new learning technologies

“Michael Wieden’s book fits perfectly into the discussion about the shortage of skilled workers and the knowledge society and provides an interesting approach. Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer should also consider whether her latest order is actually correct and not simply regressive.”
Andreas Nölting, Springer Professionals

“With Liquid Work: Working 3.0, Michael Wieden has written an inspiring book in which he invites us to put our modern understanding of work and working time through its paces.”
Prof. Dr. Thomas Kantermann, FOM Essen

“Unique view of the future of the world of work … I recommend this book to students who want to become managers or executives in order to organize themselves during their studies and to better understand and manage their staff more efficiently in the future. As well as people who are already in management positions in order to open their eyes to a possible future work structure.”
Review of my book“Liquid Work – Arbeiten 3.0” by Lesley Books

“… The book demonstrates how urgently society as a whole needs to rethink the way we work. The topic concerns us all. That is why this book is highly recommended not only for entrepreneurs and managers, but also for employees …”
Claudia Gabel, in: Gepflegt Durchatmen, Issue 36, April 2017 on“Chronobiology in HR management – knowing what makes employees tick