ChronoCoach Ausbildung Chronobiologie

ChronoCoach – The first chronobiology training course

ChronoCoach® – The first training course in chronobiology ChronoCoach® – The knowledge of chronobiology is revolutionizing all training courses that deal with health issues. Why? Chronobiology is the science of the genetically determined internal clock. The best-known symbols for this are probably the owl and the lark, so-called chronotypes. Chronobiology,…

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Krankheit kann gesund sein

Can illness be healthy?

We encounter the term “health” every day. Everyone talks about health, coaches it, teaches it, gives it away, sells it, longs for it … and proclaims “that it is the most important thing in life!”. Many people describe health as the opposite of illness, but honestly: have you ever defined…

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Schlafprobleme durch Digitalisierung

Sleep problems – A fatal side effect of digitalization?

Sleep problems – A fatal side effect of digitalization? “Sleep problems can be triggered by occupational and private stress as well as, in women, menopause.” This is a quote from a recent report on the growing sleep problem by BARMER [1]–1243652. Well … professional and private stress, that sounds very…

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