Buchtipp: Entdecke deine Zeit

Book tip: "Entdecke deine Zeit"

We live in a time in which more and more things “have to” find a place in our lives in ever shorter periods of time. But often we are not aware of how many things in our life actually need their time, so you should also give them this time if you want to use them in such a way that they benefit us. Sleep is just one example of many.

This book covers a whole year, 52 weeks. Jeach chapter is assigned to a specific time aspect of a week in the year, which can also have something to do with an event in that week (e.g. time change). You can, of course, read this book all at once, or actually use it as a companion and read the appropriate chapter each week, similar to a series on TV. In the end, however, it is up to you to decide at what pace and in what way you want to discover your own time. And it doesn’t matter when you start reading this game changer.

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Petition against discrimination of late types

Are you an owl and suffer from the fact that society, e.g. when it comes to school and working hours, ticks against your own rhythm of your internal clock? Did you know that your body clock ticks genetically conditioned how it ticks? So don’t you think it’s unfair that school and working hours mostly bring benefits to the early types, giving them more chances to perform good in education and work?

Then let yourself be surprised at the power we will have with my petition to change that. More here or directly to the petition page

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You want to act? Then please contact me personally. You can reach me at +49 171 6071716 (only Telegram or Signal) or michael@wieden.com.

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